Quality Craftsmanship

“Quality is the key essential in the manufacturing of a well built and designed product.”Joe Marcantonio-President, Manufacturing

The process begins as the finest raw materials are approved and accepted to go through the milling station. The raw lumber will transform into one of our door styles. All five piece doors and mitered doors along with trim work are built in house.

Our signature dovetail drawer box is also built and branded in house. Quality control plays a vital role in the progression of an order. Stringent measures are taken at every phase. Any given item must be inspected several times before this item is accepted and can move on.

Due to the nature of our business, intricate items are built in our custom shop. The finest craftsmen apply their trade to perfection. If a detail or dream can be relayed to our craftsmen, then it will be crafted.

As the evolution of an order continues and the paint and finish portions of the process ensue, additional quality measures are followed. An item may be rejected at this stage or additional sanding or a rework may be required.

Once an inspector is completely satisfied with the result of the finished product, each and every item will be viewed at one of our quality assurance stations and will be inspected under heavy scrutiny. If there are any infractions for example; grain matches are not consistent or if there is any inconsistency in any doors, the order will not move to assembly.

Once the item is corrected, it can be moved to assembly. Assembly and packaging turn a dream into reality. Once the cabinets are assembled and doors and drawers are hung and installed, the well packaged product is now ready to reach its destination and bring joy to our valued customers.