Projects Division

Our Approach

“If you treat each unit, lot, or suite as a retail customer, success will prevail”

Our unique approach to projects or multiple unit developments is what truly separates us from the status quo. By using our strong business fundamentals and applying those fundamentals to the project is what makes for a smooth transition from the quoting stage to the final touch ups that every single unit will experience.

A process and a footprint is used for every project that is brought to the table whether it is local or international.  Proper information is gathered and directed to the proper departments. Drawings are reviewed and discussed in order to provide the customer with the proper scope of work that is desired. Recommendations are passed along to the project manager. The entire package is presented based on the scope of work. Some projects require more specifics than others. Several meetings are required to ensure drawings are accurate and complete.

Irpinia Kitchens designates a project manager to every project. This individual will be on site daily until the projects completion.  This individual will be responsible for every aspect of the cabinetry as it is delivered and executed. The presence of this key individual will allow Irpinia Kitchens to react in an unprecedented manner.  Technology allows us to remotely send and receive information as it is readily available.

As noted earlier in our approach, a service technician will visit each and every unit one last time for any concerns adjustments or touch ups. This is an additional visit that is not required by the customer, however we feel that it is important to have the ability to make that one last visit to give us, the customer and the end user piece of mind.