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4 Simple Ways to Master Your Holiday Renovation

4 Simple Ways to Master Your Holiday Renovation

Most people choose to begin their home renovations in the springtime. Especially for us Canadians, the limited window for good weather adds additional pressure to get all the work done before winter hits.

Not wanting to deal with bitter-cold drafts or the possibility of a snowdrift in your living room is a common shared concern. Despite the cold weather, there are some benefits to beginning your home renovations in the fall. Since there is less demand on the trades, there is a good chance you will get lower prices and better availability. Plus, you can’t beat those year-end appliance sales!

In an ideal world, if you begin a fall renovation project, you will have planned it so that all the heavy lifting is done before your holiday hosting duties begin. If you celebrate Christmas, this is when the kitchen unmistakably becomes the most popular room in the house, filled with festive baking and family gatherings.

However, if you do you find yourself in the middle of a renovation during the holidays, here are 4 simple ways to master your holiday renovation:

1.Embrace it! Having your house in disorder gives you an opportunity to get creative. Know a wall is coming down? Invite your kids to draw their favourite holiday characters on it to help decorate. Or get your guests involved and have a painting party – just stick a stencil to the wall and have a tree-decorating competition!

2. Don’t be afraid of alternative cooking. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean your barbecue doesn’t work. If your oven is out of commission, get some snow boots on and use the bbq to cook your holiday dinner – here are 22 easy Christmas recipes you can cook up on the griller.

3. Opt for mini decorations. Just because your space is being occupied by building materials, doesn’t mean you have to forgo holiday decorating completely. Bust out the miniatures and tuck a tiny tree into the corner. Added bonus, it will make all your gifts look twice as abundant! 

4. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. Fairy lights make a world of a difference. Remember Ross and Emily’s wedding? Take a look at these cute and dainty options!


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