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8 Essential Kitchen Design Elements Every Holiday Host needs:

‘Tis the season of many things: lights, laughter, gifts, joy and, most importantly, all kinds of parties. It’s the perfect time to catch up with old friends, relatives and anyone else you may occasionally bump into on social media. All these gatherings mean a lot of entertaining and hosting, which can be both great fun and, as we all know, incredibly stressful.  

If you’ve ever planned a holiday dinner you know that the keys to a successful and stress-free party are preparation and organization. Whether you want to be the superstar host this year, or are looking ahead to how to make your life a little simpler for years to come, we have gathered the 8 essential kitchen design elements that will help make hosting your a holiday dinner a breeze:

1. The magic corner unit: allowing you to utilize all dead space in your corner cabinets. This mechanism swiftly slides out of its cabinet for easy access to all stored items.
2. The deep pantry: with full extension drawers for easy access to all your stored items this unit offers visibility into the depths of your pantry.
3. Customizable cutlery drawers: makes table setting a joy by ensuring all your cutlery is organized and easy to find.
4. Hideaway storage: functional, beautiful and customizable, this secret wine rack is a favourite amongst entertainers.
5. Spice pull out drawer: make your holiday baking and cooking simple with this easily accessible spice drawer.
6. Cutting board drawer: your cutting board will always be at hand with this custom drawer.
7. Oil and bottle pull out: save your counter space and keep your cooking essentials close to the stove top with this convenient pull out.
8. Rift-cut oak utensil holder: this convenient drawer can hold all your oddly shaped utensils and help avoid the “messy miscellaneous drawer” we all dread.

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