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Spacious bright kitchen corner with pastel blue walls and white cabinets near a window

9 Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen for Spring

After months of waiting for the leaves to turn green on this side of the globe, it’s finally spring! The longer days, warmer evenings mean more backyard parties and gatherings and that hosting season is officially upon us. Want to give your home an updated look? Check out these 9 ways to freshen up your kitchen for spring:


Changing up the colour is an easy way to give your kitchen a fresh new look! Embrace the warm weather with bright joyous colors or some subdued, but happy pastels. Instead of doing the entire kitchen, you could opt to do just one of the walls to add some dimension with a new dining table.


With the latest luxury wallpapers, you can add dimension to your kitchen and change the focal point of the space during the hotter, brighter months. With little to no down time, this quick refresh will have you back in the kitchen in a couple of hours at the very least.


Plants instantly make any room feel alive — so it’s no wonder why many people are opting for a living wall or growing indoor herb gardens in their homes. What better way to compliment your cooking than with fresh herbs? Tall wide-leafed plants have taken over as posh home accessories and many of these plants pull double duty by purifying the air.


Change up your lighting fixtures or add an interesting chandelier to give your space a new look. You could even add multiple small light fixtures that are more angular in their light direction to reorient the room. Task lighting under cabinets are a great way draw attention to your backsplash and can even add a little ambience to your evening dinners if you add dimmers.


A fresh backsplash can change the entire look of your kitchen without having to go through a full cabinet change. Whether it’s a lighter tone to brighten up the kitchen or a darker tone to emphasize your lighter cabinets, new backsplash can give you the refresh you’re looking for.

Declutter & Refresh

A simple spring cleaning will always make you feel better about your home. Get rid of the clutter and you’ll discover space you never knew you had.  If you want to take that a step further, think about redoing the interiors of a few choice cabinets or drawers. There are many modern storage solutions that you can add to your cabinets and totally revolutionize the way you organize.

Space Optimization

If you are looking for a bigger change, contact our design team to discuss creating more space in your kitchen. Sometimes you can take out a wall and completely revitalize the lighting and flow in a room. If that isn’t an option, consider a partial opening that requires less demolition or changing a regular window to a bay window.

New appliances

With all the innovative tech available for the kitchen, it’s easy to get excited about new appliances. Electric stove tops, auto-cooking appliances and new wall ovens can all make a kitchen feel shiny and new. Not to mention the staple fresh look that stainless steel brings to a room making it feel both new and modern.

Custom cabinetry

Keeping cabinetry fresh is the best way to give your kitchen a new look. With custom cabinetry you can get the exact design, colours, materials and look you want. Plus, good, solid cabinetry will last decades and can be easily touched up with new handles.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to give your kitchen a new look,  our design team will be happy to help you refresh your kitchen for the spring-summer season!

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