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Designing the Perfect Mudroom

Unequivocally the most under appreciated room in the house, the mudroom is a necessity during North American summers and winters. In Canada especially, we use mudrooms to store winter wear, outdoor sports equipment and even cottage supplies. Some mudrooms are designed to be entered from the garage and others may be off to the side as you enter the front door. But, regardless of how you get to them, the important thing is that they are a source of sanity: with large closets, ample storage space and a way to keep the mud away from the rest of your house, a mudroom can be an incredibly valuable home upgrade. 

Custom made mudroom Irpinia Kitchens Durham

Conceptualizing your space

Unless your home comes with a mudroom, you may need to redesign a space specifically for the purpose. Smaller storage rooms, hallways and even laundry rooms can be renovated into a larger, multi-purpose mudroom. The name makes it sound dirty, but they can be designed in a very elegant and beautiful way so you don’t have to be shy about making your mudroom the focal point of the entryway if you need it!


beautiful custom cabinetry for mudroom Irpinia Kitchens  Toronto

Flooring is a very important part of this type of room. Since part of its purpose is to help keep the rest of the house clean from wet and weathered footwear, you need to be sure that you are choosing a type of flooring that is both easy to clean and quick to dry. It’s very rare to find a carpeted mud room; managing melting ice, mud and any other kind of spill you could throw at it would be difficult. A very popular pick is slate tiling or a slippery brick that makes it easy to scrub away thick snow, cottage mud and puddles from your fishing gear.


A popular choice is to combine the laundry room and mudroom. This is a wonderfully functional option since it makes it easy to throw soiled clothes straight into the soak tub or the washer right away. Incorporating elements like custom shelves, hanging racks or pull drawers and even weave baskets make the space functional, tidy and give it a pleasing  aesthetic.

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Built-in cabinetry

Even the smallest of spaces can provide plenty of usage and storage through custom designs. Built-in cabinets can provide storage for sports equipment, seasonal footwear and often fit in oddly-shaped objects (think skates or pool floaties) if custom designed. Some of our best work incorporates elements of multiple cabinets, hooks and knobs and custom shelf space.

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