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Designing your Dream Walk-In Closet

The key to building the perfect outfit is planning. Unsurprisingly, the same can be said about designing your dream closet. Walk-in closets are perfect for those of us with plenty of clothes, shoes and accessories but no discernible system of organization for all our stuff. It can be pretty unsettling when you have to turn the whole bedroom upside down to find the exact thing you are looking for to complete an outfit.

Enter, the custom walk-in closet,  built specifically for your organizational needs so you never lose what you’re looking for again.

Large U-shaped walk-in closet in white with a bench on the right near the window and open concept cupboards. The island has a chest of drawers under it which are open.


A good place to start is designing what shape you’d like the walk-in to form. A typical U-shape around a room is the most common, followed by the  L-shaped walk-in and lastly the straight corridor. Choosing the one that works best for you depends largely on the shape of the space you are working with, but also how you want to utilize the room you have selected.

Large dark brown walk-in closet with a white island in the centre and large circular chandelier. Very rich looking with deep brown hues.


The perfect walk-in closet is designed for your lifestyle, custom made for your wardrobe. So, if you’ve got plenty of long maxi dresses or gowns, you might want to consider building a section tall enough to accommodate the full length skirts. In another instance, if you’re someone who wears a lot of hats, your designer might want to include a custom hat rack to protect the shape of those Italian fedoras. The most important aspect of getting a custom-made closet is ensuring that the design works for you.

Do you want to incorporate a pull-out ironing board? Would a shoe-shine station or jewelry cleaning nook be on your list of priorities? The options are endless so it is important so create a list of “must-haves” for your designer to incorporate into the space.  

Custom bench with cushion against a wall and with a tall stacked shelf in the right hand corner near a window

Open concept 

No one said your closet must have doors; with the right design you can build your own private high-end boutique in the comfort of your own bedroom. Make sure to leave enough room for a large wide mirror and plenty of open racks to help visualize outfits.  This version of the walk-in closet might save you time as well, as the open cubby concept enables you see everything you own in sweeping view.

Beautiful cream walk-in closet with long glass-facing doors and a centre island with a long lamp chandelier. The background has a vanity table near a window

Clean designs

If you prefer a cleaner look, you can use different types of doors  to keep everything out of sight until you need it. Including mirrors on the doors is an easy way to have your doors pull double duty: not only can you look at yourself as you try on clothes, but the mirrors will also make your closet feel and look bigger. 

Beech colored walk-in closet with a centre island and long glass double doored closets in the background

Make-Up Vanity

A well-loved staple for custom-closets is the make-up vanity. Built directly into the walk-in they are an excellent use of space especially if there is a large a large window with lots of natural light in your closet. A dedicated vanity lets you customize your prep setup with all the right tools and will help declutter your bathroom.

Vanity table in cream with a soft cushioned textured chair and a custom built vanity with 3 drawers by the window in the corner of a room

Island or Peninsula Storage

Some walk-in designs incorporate a peninsula with seating or an island chest of drawers for smaller articles of clothing. You can also incorporate this storage into another corner of a room to create a larger space for trying on outfits. Alternatively, add a  little loveseat and cushions for when your children or friendly inevitable come over to try on something from your closet. 

Large island highlighted within a walk-in closet that is white with long tall shoe closets in the background with glass double doors and a closed cupboard in the middle.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round of walk-in closet ideas. As you can tell, there’s no limit to what you can build for your lifestyle and we are always just a phone call away to make it happen.

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