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EuroCucina 2018: What are the Latest Trends in Luxury Kitchen Design?

Held only once every two years in Milan, EuroCucina is one of the most anticipated kitchen exhibitions in the world. Chalk full of innovation, finishes and technology, this event brings together world renowned European manufacturers and designers to give the industry a glimpse at the biggest upcoming kitchen design trends. Straight from our team in Italy, here are seven of the latest trends from EuroCucina 2018 to look out for in this year’s luxury kitchens:

1. Textured Melamine: Innovations in the way melamine is manufactured has made for an incredibly high quality, versatile option for adding texture and color to any design. It is often used to replicate traditional wood grains, but this season brings many interesting and modern textures. Look out for embossed “leather” melamine accents.

Leather Melamine

2. Hydraulic Systems: Hydraulic systems are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. They are ideal for maximizing space and give a futuristic feel to the kitchen. This year it was all about automation! As technology improves there is an increasing trend toward integrating automated systems with touchless opening mechanisms into the modern high-end kitchen.

Automated Hydraulic Cabinet System 

3. Walnut and Walnut Veneer: Walnut is often associated with more traditional designs, but it is making a comeback in modern and transitional spaces. Solid walnut doors and walnut veneer with smooth clean lines brings an element of sophisticated contrast to a contemporary design. Take this look a step further by mixing in other wood types or coloured metals such as brass or aluminum.

Walnut Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

4. Countertop Extensions: While countertop extensions are not a new concept, we are seeing a shift away from the traditional static extension attached to the end of the counter.  Instead, there is a trend towards thick and dynamic blocks that mobilize with your need for more or less space in the kitchen. Contrasting textures and materials transform these extensions into intriguing accent pieces and elevate them from the mere functionality of space saving necessities.


Dynamic Countertop Extension

5. Aluminum and glass: Aluminum frames on glass cabinets are a great go-to when looking for a contemporary style. As we see more creativity in the use of metal accents in kitchen design, aluminum extrusions can be an excellent way to tie them together. What’s most exciting, is that advancements in technology have brought us a new type of aluminum and glass system that is completely modular and customizable.  These come in a vast number of finishes and detailing and give a sleek, sophisticated look to any kitchen. 

Aluminum and Glass Modular Cabinet

6. Channel Cabinetry: Perfect for any kitchen, this minimalist door design requires zero pulls or handles.  Consequently, maximizing space and creating a more streamlined, contemporary look. 

Contemporary Kitchen with Textured Melamine & Channel Cabinetry

7. Yellow Highlights: From panels to boarders to hoods, bright yellow was used all over the kitchen showrooms in Milan, drawing the eye to detailing and giving depth to the designs.

Contemporary Kitchen with Yellow Highlights


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