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Contemporary Irpinia Kitchen with wallpaper and butcher block

Exploring the Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens use clean lines, and simple but elegant designs to create an elevated look that never goes out of style. Using modern aesthetics, you can create a kitchen that mixes seamlessly into any space by pulling in traditional, industrial or even niche styles like cottage charm and French countryside elements into your design in a contemporary way.

Simple Palettes

In contemporary kitchens you will often see clean monochrome palettes, but it is also common to find sharp contrasting accents in these spaces as well. Stainless steel appliances or a bold set of cabinets in one section of the kitchen break up the monotony of the clean lines without taking away from the simple design. In the example below, you can see a beautifully simple yet interestingly modern design across the whole kitchen. The area plays with quadrilateral shapes and sharp lines, adding in a deep walnut brown accent piece to break up the monochrome cabinets.

Minimalistic design

This kitchen is an exquisite example of minimalism done right. The finishes are all inconspicuous and white with an exceptional high-gloss finish. However, despite the fact that all the cabinets are the same colour and don’t include any hardware, the kitchen is by no means boring. The dynamic Quartz backsplash and island overlay combined with the open concept style creates a drama that you want to explore. By using a minimalist cabinetry design you have more freedom to explore with bold patterns and exotic looking stones to create a contemporary playground.

Unique New Elements 

One of the best things about designing a contemporary kitchen is that the style welcomes experimentation. Combining textures, colours, one of a kind pieces of hardware, or even elements from different design styles only add to the space. As an example, the kitchen below pulls in traditional design elements with its cottage-style backsplash. However, the high-gloss texture in combination with mixed butcher block and quartz counter elevates the whole design and gives the traditional backsplash a stunning contemporary home.

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